MINIMIZE PHYSICAL CONTACT in Attendance Tracking by using the Self Check-In app

i-Attend Self Check-In

Minimize physical contract in Attendance Tracking. Empowers attendees to capture attendance themselves accurately and securely. Designed for ONLINE or VIRTUAL classes, webinars or events.

For online training or for badgeless events, i-Attend Self Check-In provides the ability for attendees to track attendance themselves using their own devices. This process is designed for events where name badges are not needed or not available. Web training or mandatory online classes are examples of events where this process works very well.

i-Attend provides two ways to utilize the Self Check-in functionality: (1) through the Cloud, or (2) by downloading the Self Check-In apps on mobile devices.

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i-Attend Self Check-In Splash page
i-Attend app to sign-in attendees

Self Check-In apps available for download on mobile phones

Attendees can check-in/out using their mobile phones

i-Attend Self Check-In apps are available for download to your smartphones for free. It works in conjunction with i-Attend Cloud so you need to have a active subscription to make it work.

Scan Event QR Code

Scan or enter your Event PIN

i-Attend Self Check-In apps allows you to scan the Event QR Code or enter your Event PIN.

You will need the following information in order to check-in to any events:

  • Organization ID
  • Event PIN
  • Email address registered in i-Attend

Scan QR Code or enter Event PIN
Self Check-in on the cloud

Self Check-in in the CLOUD

No app, no problem

In addition to the app, you can also check-in by visiting Simply enter your Organization ID, Event PIN and Email Address, and click on the Check-in button.


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