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Columbia College Chicago uses i-Attend

Columbia College uses i-Attend to track attendance for classes and events

Columbia College Chicago is an international leader and recognized pioneer in arts and media education. With over 120 years of deep experience teaching creative students to develop authentic voices and meaningful skills, Columbia graduates are fully prepared to launch sustainable careers in the visual, performing, media and communication arts.

The College uses i-Attend to track attendance for their training classes and events such as recitals, performance concerts and weekly improvs. i-Attend also serves as their access control system to authenticate people in their buildings. They do this for their entire student base.

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Adlai Steven High School uses i-Attend

RFID Badges are used along with i-Attend Cloud

Since opening on September 7, 1965, Stevenson High School has become one of the leading high schools in America. Stevenson is the only public high school in Illinois to receive four Blue Ribbon Awards for Excellence in Education from the U.S. Department of Education. SHS won the award in 1987, 1991, 1998 and 2002.

Stevenson offers more than 200 courses in communication arts, mathematics, science, social science, foreign languages, fine arts, applied arts and physical welfare. Using their existing RFID student badges, students check-in at their classes and events using i-Attend Cloud and Mobile solutions.

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Boston Conservatory uses i-Attend

Boston Conservatory

Boston Conservatory was established in 1867 by founder Julius Eichberg. In February 2017, the conservatory will celebrate 150 years of performing arts education excellence.

Boston Conservatory uses i-Attend Cloud and Mobile to track attendance at their events.

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Harmony Public Schools uses i-Attend

Harmony Public Schools create name badges and use i-Attend Mobile to capture attendance

Harmony Public Schools are high performing K-12 public charter schools located in Texas with a strong focus on science, technologies, engineering, and math (STEM) providing opportunities for underserved communities. Since the establishment of HPS, we have continually striven towards maintaining the high academic standards that will powerfully propel us into the 21st century.

HPS uses i-Attend Cloud and Mobile to track attendance at their conferences. We are working with staff in the use of i-Attend in other applications for the schools.

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