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School Attendance Software, Event Registration Software

Features of i-Attend

Track Attendance

Simply swipe or scan your badge!

i-Attend.com is a web-based event attendance software that supports RFID and Barcode Readers. You can use any Wedge type ("keyboard") RFID or Barcode Scanners. It also supports Batch type Barcode Scanners. Attending your event is as easy as opening a door. Event attendance tracking has never been simpler.

Track Attendance for events and classes
Manage Attendee Data

Manage Attendee Data

Add or Upload Attendee Data

i-Attend provides you with your a form to add your attendees. It also has the added convenience of uploading data in simple easy steps. Extract information from your existing USER/EMPLOYEE/ATTENDEE Database, format it to a comma-delimited file, and simply upload the file to the software.

Manage your Events

Create a variety of Events

Our attendance tracking application allows you to create various types of events:

  • Public Events
  • Private Events
  • One-time Events
  • Recurring Daily, Weekly or Monthly Events
  • All-day Events

You can setup your events to do Check-in and/or Check-out of attendees. This provides you two checkpoints of data allowing accurate measurement between two time periods.

Manage your Events
Display and Search Events

Display and Search Events

i-Attend provides you a Calendar or List view to show your events. Manage your events by simply clicking a button.

Create custom event websites with online registration

Create Websites (Microsites) for your Events

Create custom websites for your events allowing your prospects to review Event Details and Register for the event. Include content specific to your events and manage registration data to satisfy event requirements and reporting. Registrants and organizers can receive registration confirmation via email.

Create custom websites for your events for online registration
Assign points to your events

Credit or Point System built-in

Assign credits to your events or classes

You can assign credits or points to your events and folks who attend earn the points. You can use this as your credits for Continuing Education, or just simply a way to incentivize increase attendance. The more events you attend, the higher credits you have!

i-Attend Cloud has a built-in point system as a credit mechanism for attendance.

  • Assign points to events you create
  • Individuals who attend that event earn the points
  • The software accumulates the points over time until they are redeemed

Create Certificates for CEU Attendance

Track CEU credits and create custom certificates for your attendees

With this powerful feature, i-Attend saves you a lot of time and effort in registering, tracking CEU credits and creating custom certificates for your organization. The application has a built-in point system that you can use as credits for attendance. Your attendees will automatically earn or receive points for every event, session or training they attended. Furthermore, you have the ability to SAVE your custom certificates allowing you to re-print at a later time. Very cool!

Create Certificates for CEU Tracking

Batch Attendance

i-Attend's attendance tracking functionality support BATCH type devices. These devices are completely mobile and battery operated allowing flexibility in scanning Badge IDs.

Batch-type scanners are able to provide flexibility to the user by storing scanned data on the scanner. The batched data is then extracted and uploaded to i-Attend. Batch scanners simply maximize the working range of a scanner and enhance flexibility for the user.

Use barcode batch scanners to authenticate
Event Surveys

Evaluate/Survey Events or Presenters

Send evaluation to attendees

i-Attend provides a simple evaluation tool to get feedbacks of events or presenters. Use this tool to gauge presenter's knowledge, or improve events. Post-event analysis will help you with your future events.

Create Name Badges

No need for additional software to create Name Badges for your attendees. i-Attend provides the ability to create and design custom Name Badges for your attendees. You can include a Barcode or QRCode and data values specific to your event requirements. Why pay more or use additional software?! Powerful and very useful feature!

Create Name Badges
Role-based access control

Role-based access control

Security is a good thing

Role-based access control is a method of regulating access to i-Attend's modules. Designed modularly, as an administrator you can restrict access to certain modules. For example, you can allow a user to only run reports and nothing else.

Real-time Reports and Data

Do you need to find out at this very moment who attended your events? No problem, we always have real-time data. As soon as attendance is marked, the data is available for your review. A dashboard helps satisfy your immediate requirement of data. If this is still not enough, you can dive into details and view other reports.

Real-time Reports and Data
View, Print or Download to Excel

View, Print, Download

Several default reports are available immediately to you. You may opt to view them on the screen, print them out, or download to Excel for further analysis. The data is available and it is YOURS!

Create Custom Schedules and Calendars of Events

Do you need to create custom schedules for your own Department? Do you need the ability for your presenters, teachers or professors to easily schedule and create events?

In i-Attend, the answer is YES you can! As an administrator of i-Attend, you have the ability to create custom schedules for the various departments or sections you have in your organization. After creating a scheduling, i-Attend generates a PUBLIC URL that you can post on your website. This URL contains a custom calendar for specific departments, groups or section within your company.

Create Custom Schedules and Calendars of Events