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Will you have a TRIAL version of i-Attend Mobile for iOS?

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We just had our live demo a couple weeks ago. I really wanted to try out the iOS version of i-Attend Mobile, but was told that only Android was available for Trial. Will you have a trial version for iOS soon? I want to test it on my iPhone 6.
asked Jan 9, 2016 by anonymous

2 Answers

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We are very excited to report that Apple has approved version 2 of i-Attend Mobile! You know what this means, right?

The TRIAL version of i-Attend Mobile is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

If you have a TRIAL account with i-Attend, install the app on your devices and go to the Settings page (3 dots top right on the homepage). 

On the Settings page: 

  1. Tap the Reset Application and OK option - this will delete all your data including attendance for the device.
  2. Tap the CUSTOM ENDPOINT and enter TRIAL in the text box.

This custom endpoint will redirect your connection to our trial server where your trial account credentials have been setup. Navigate back to the homepage and sync your device to the cloud. 

This option is available in both the iOS and Android apps.

answered Jan 11, 2016 by admin (2,770 points)
selected Jan 12, 2016 by Tom
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We do apologize for only having a trial version of i-Attend Mobile for android devices at this time. This is something we have been in discussion with Apple since the release of i-Attend Mobile. Apple does not allow any demo or trial applications in their App Store - and therefore won't approve it for publication. 

We have just recently submitted version 2.0 of our i-Attend Mobile which can handle multiple facets of environment. With this version, we can point the app to any of our servers. 

i-Attend Mobile version 2.0 is currently available in the Google Play Store for Android devices. The iOS version is currently being reviewed and tested by Apple engineers.  We expect approval within this month. Once approved and published, the trial version of i-Attend Mobile will be available in both iOS and Android platforms!


answered Jan 9, 2016 by Marlon (1,040 points)