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i-Attend is a platform to manage your events, workshops and classes. It is a multi-tenant, single code-based, software-as-a-service delivered through Web browsers or mobile applications.

Track attendance, create CEU certificates, generate name badges, create evaluations, design event websites and online registration forms, and generate reports are features available in the i-Attend platform.

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Does this software track classroom availability & resources and allow you to see them all at the same time?

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asked Jul 18, 2016 by anonymous

1 Answer

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As far as rooms, i-Attend restricts assignment of rooms based on availability. Meaning - you can only assign a class/event to a room if it is currently not booked.

We have in the past discussed "Room Management" in terms of facility which also includes asset booking for rooms. We can revisit this and have it supported at a future version of i-Attend.

Please email me at marlon@dotenablers.com so we can discuss your requirement further.
answered Jul 18, 2016 by Marlon (1,040 points)